Amazing Sun - in the autumn what is it?

For example, in summer the sun is big and hot. He always has a good mood. It seeks to bestow each with its life-giving warmth. In winter the luminary hides behind snowy clouds, as though saving its power. And what is the Sun in the autumn? What is it like at this time of year? Let's remember.

What is the Sun in Autumn?

sun in the autumn whatSo, the summer went into oblivion. It was time for the clouds, rain, rolling smoothly to the cold. Remembered? Imagine that we thought for a moment and looked up at the light. The sun is in autumn ... What a welcome it is! After a bright summer, there is not enough heat. This lack is sometimes felt stronger than hunger. Because the whole body strives for rays. Each cell grieves for the gentle rays.

It's also sad! Why? Yes, just Sunny moved away from the Earth. This distance, which we feel by reducing the intensity of heat, it perceives in a different way. It seems that it misses the green planet. The light lacks the radiation of its inhabitants. And in a gloomy and cloudy day what comes to mind? The sun in the autumn what? Delightful! It looks out from the clouds, like a smile on the face of a capricious child. Just want to live and create. Autumn is approaching winter. Gloomy days are woven in a continuous sequence. And it seems that the sun has forgotten about the planet in the autumn. "What is the light?" - you ask. - "We have already forgotten how it looks." So, the autumn sun is greedy? It is so rare to uswhich sun in autumnpeeping. Or it is tired, it needs rest.

Sunrise in the fall

When tired of summer work the luminary showsIts face is a real holiday. It no longer throws all its rays into an affectionate attack on nature. It overlooks from the height of its results of past work. Looking at every corner of the Earth, he estimates that it requires urgent intervention, and where it is possible not to appear. You did not pay attention that sometimes Sunny would come out for a minute, and did not appear all day. This means that his greatness today is not necessary for nature. And there are days when it shows almost summer activity. So, I decided that I did not finish it. Nature needs his life-giving energy. In the autumn, the luminary is important to roll out from behind the horizon. It emits not only energy, but also contentmentsunrise in the falllong-standing work. And even a little sadness from the inevitable parting.

Sunset in the Autumn

Daily parting with the light is likebreak with your beloved. There is no certainty that it will return tomorrow. The sun can, having taken offense at something the, it is simple to disappear behind clouds. As a capricious prima donna - went behind the scenes and does not go to applause. So he leaves the earth under the cover of the atmosphere. And can long and leisurely leave the expanses of the subordinate atmosphere. Leaving, it examines nature as a diligent host, making a plan of work for tomorrow.

In the autumn our luminary becomes mannered and important. It gave all the caresses in the summer. Now he needs rest and attention. So it happens, did you notice? In summer people complain about the heat, they are capricious and swear. Where does their wrath go in the fall? At this time, everyone falls in love with an occasional ray, quickly learning how to thank for every visit a huge luminary.

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Amazing Sun - in the autumn what is it Amazing Sun - in the autumn what is it Amazing Sun - in the autumn what is it Amazing Sun - in the autumn what is it Amazing Sun - in the autumn what is it Amazing Sun - in the autumn what is it Amazing Sun - in the autumn what is it Amazing Sun - in the autumn what is it Amazing Sun - in the autumn what is it Amazing Sun - in the autumn what is it