Alan Chumak. Biography of the first Soviet healer

Alan Chumak, whose biography is presented inthis article, was the first person to acquaint TV viewers of the former USSR with such a profession as a healer. And it happened on the air, and as a pioneer he had to take on himself a flurry of admiration and negativity in the form of audience responses. In the 80 years it was difficult to find a person who did not see the sessions of this healer. But after deafening success, Alan Chumak (photo below) suddenly disappeared, and practically no one heard anything about his future activities.

Alan Chumak biography

Childhood and youth

There is very little information on this period. It is known that Chumak did not show any extrasensory abilities in his childhood. He was an ordinary average child. So says most sources.

However, later began to appear oppositereports that Alan's unusual abilities arose in the early adolescence. It was then that he began to tell his brother about Indian religion and culture. And what is not normal here, you ask. Just at that time they did not have a single book about India at home.

Chumak is also credited with owning a certainsuper-knowledge, through which he could answer the unexpected question of any historical person or event. Without any preparation, the future healer in all the details set out the facts, striking the imagination of the interlocutors with this.

Here is what Alan Chumak himself says, a photo of which was massively sold in the USSR, about his abilities for extrasensory perception:

"My Gift was opened at a rather late age - in42 years. In that wonderful moment, I saw the surrounding reality in all the diversity of energy-informational interactions. I began to distinguish people's auras.

And then a waterfall hit me. The streams of water fell from above and washed my body. I felt them with every cell. But in reality there was no water around. There was only energy. Her powerful flows fueled my body. Over time, the sensations were weakened and were no longer so vivid. Nevertheless, the energy did not get smaller.

When I concentrated on my palms andpassed through them the energy flow, they blushed, and the veins were swelling at the wrists. Sometimes I was jerked by pressure, nauseated - the body could not cope with the force pouring into it. "

Alan Chumak treatment sessions

School and university

Alan Chumak, whose biography was knownevery Soviet citizen, did not study very well at school. His only passionate passion at that time was astronomy. He also seriously took a great interest in cycling and even got the title of Master of Sports.

After school Chumak entered the Institute of Physical Educationin Moscow. After graduating, Alan became a coach in the cycling team and achieved some success in this field. But when Chumak was 30 years old, he was forced to leave.

Passion for journalism

Reflecting on new areas of activity, the futurepsychic Alan Chumak decided to focus on journalism. He easily entered the Moscow State University, and after his graduation received a place in the newspaper "Evening Moscow". Then he worked in several editions - "Moskovsky Komsomolets", "Trud", etc. At that time he had a magic gift. The new healer devoted all his free time to studying the new abilities.

Alan Chumak photo

Therapeutic sessions

Alan Chumak, whose biography is richevents, daily worked on improving his healing abilities. He began to take the sick. Over time, the man completely abandoned journalistic activities.

In 1989, Alan Chumak, whose treatment sessionsenjoyed increasing popularity, was invited to television. Just during this period of breaking stereotypes, society craved new ideas, formats, programs and individuals. Healer instantly became a popular celebrity.

Alan Chumak, whose healing sessions are remembered beforeSince then, he has charged water at a distance, performed magic manipulations with his hands, gave information for putting on candles, etc. All was done only for one - to return viewers health.

Soon the series of programs with the psychic ended,and letters to the editorial office of the channel continued to flow in an endless stream. In his book Chumak wrote that their number exceeded 6 million. People wanted to repeat the sessions, thanked, criticized, asked for a personal meeting. Such success required the continuation of the healer, but the Ministry of Health thought differently. He quickly stopped the unhealthy popularity of the psychic and stopped his massive work.

extrasense alan chumak

What happened next?

In subsequent years, Alan Chumak, whose biographywas described above, with a head went into the scientific and experimental work. Together with other specialists, the psychic was studying his own gift. Alan also individually accepted patients and sometimes arranged creative evenings in small rooms. Now the healer writes books (at the moment three editions are produced), periodically gives interviews and is removed in telecasts.

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Alan Chumak. Biography of the first Soviet healer Alan Chumak. Biography of the first Soviet healer Alan Chumak. Biography of the first Soviet healer Alan Chumak. Biography of the first Soviet healer Alan Chumak. Biography of the first Soviet healer Alan Chumak. Biography of the first Soviet healer Alan Chumak. Biography of the first Soviet healer Alan Chumak. Biography of the first Soviet healer Alan Chumak. Biography of the first Soviet healer Alan Chumak. Biography of the first Soviet healer