A variety of brushes for grinders

Previously, Russian craftsmen were amazed at the quality of the processed wooden products, which they received from abroad. Is it possible to achieve this using the manual method - emery bar? How much time and effort will it take? It turns out that the secret of foreign craftsmen is simple - they use grinding technology. But not so much the technique itself grinds the material, as many different types of brushes that are used in the work. This is one of the most functional parts of the grinder. The range of brushes is now very large, so choose a suitable nozzle, depending on the planned result.

Supplier offers modularbrushes for hand grinderswith interchangeable lamellae and prefabricated models. On modular brushes, the slats easily change after the expiration date or upon reaching the non-working state, i.e. wear. As a rule, brushes differ in size (width, external and internal diameter), type of tooling (shank, shape and the rest) and number of lamellae (22, 32 or 48).

Modern brush systems of grinders show an excellent result of their work. They qualitatively polish the surface of wood without mechanical damage to its structure. Thanks to this method, the processing time of the material is reduced. A huge variety of brushes allows you to grind profile parts and flat blanks, clean the pores of the array, remove lint, corrosion and burrs, apply wax, oil and so on. In other words, the functionality of grinding machines is diverse. Wood can now be processed quickly and efficiently.

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