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8 habits of happy people

 8 rules of happy people             

1. Do not worry about what others think of them.
Do not allow negative-minded people to influence their well-being. Whatever these people say, everything flows from them like water off a duck's back. After all, they firmly know that a worthy person is not one who has no flaws, but one who has merits.

2. Always see advantages in everything
There is something good about everything bad. If one cannot see the positive side in a situation, such people create it themselves. They do not regret. If it was good, then it is wonderful. And if it was bad, then it is an experience.

3. Always friendly and grateful.
Happy people don't care how you look or where you're from. All they need is another person next to whom you can laugh and be happy. They are not shy and do not take a few minutes to express gratitude to other people.

4. Always smiling and positive.
“We don't laugh because we are happy; we are happy because we laugh ”(William James). Smiles and laughter are an integral feature of happy people.It so happened that people with whom we spend a lot of time influence us and our perception of the world around us. The more time we spend with positive-minded and optimistic people, the brighter our life will be painted.

5. Live in the present moment
“I experienced a lot of terrible things in my life, some of them actually happened” (Mark Twain). They are not waiting for Friday evening, Sunday morning, buying a new car, a new apartment. Do not wait for spring, summer, autumn, winter. After all, the most terrible mistake is to think that you live, when in fact you are lying in the storage room waiting for life ...

6. Know that not everyone in this world is perfect.
It is difficult to overcome perfectionism, but it is necessary. Everything is good in moderation. Happy people can control the pursuit of excellence. They do not execute themselves for inaccuracies and omissions. They are proud of themselves and their achievements. Sometimes some things go wrong as planned, and that's fine. It’s impossible to keep everything under control.

7. Contribute to the outside world
One of the best ways to feel happy is to change the world around you.For this, it is not necessary to save the people or stop the tsunami. It is enough just to smile at people, make compliments, help friends, give gifts, etc.

8. Continue to learn
They are curious and eager to learn new things about the world and the people inhabiting it. There is always something we don’t know about yet. Interest in life gives energy, helps to create new ideas, has a positive effect on thinking and makes the days more saturated and bright.

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