30+ ideas how to decorate a 1 year old girl

Decorations for the first birthday

Traditionally, the jewelry for a year to a girl is selected in light pink colors. Win-win pink color dilute with white, cream, lime, lemon, aquamarine, purple. Interspersing a bright color - orange, blue, fuchsia will not interfere: the kids respond well to flashy details.

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It is important to decorate not only the place of celebration, but also the room of the little princess, so that in the morning she finds herself in a fairy tale! Balls on the bed, stretched color tulle, ribbons and ribbons will give the children's room a special charm. Do not forget to decorateChair for babiesAfter all, a small birthday girl will hold a significant part of the holiday in it.

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Regardless of where you invite guests for 1 year to a girl: home, in a cafe, to the country, the venue for the children's celebration should be divided into zones decorated in the same style.

Candy barwith treats, place it in the center, decorate it with a fringe of colored paper, paper pompoms, garlands, bouquets of flowers or dried flowers.On the table itself, lay a tablecloth in the main tones of the holiday, paying particular attention to the little things: bows on the forks, beautiful cloth napkins, toppers with wishes and the name “holiday culprits”.

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Photozonefor a year girl organize a little away from the holiday table. For its design, the above-mentioned décor, collages with photos of babies, streamers with congratulations, bunches of balloons, large paper flowers, plain backgrounds will fit. You can take a few memorable pictures on the background of the birthday girl’s achievements board, which contains all the important information about her: how many cm and kg a crumb has added in a year, what it can already do and what it loves the most. But the main decor for a girl's year is a “fluffy” unit with a birthday girl's height!

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Ideas for celebrating one year old girls

The style of celebration sets the mood and tone of the holiday, so, first of all, decide onthemes of the first DR: and decorations, and festive menus, and cake design depend on it.

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Year daughter can be issued in the style of:

  • The princesses.A popular theme, when a baby is dressed in an airy outfit with a crown, a fantastic atmosphere is created around it with the help of an abundance of balloons, flower garlands, pompons, paper butterflies.Miniature crowns are decorated with sweets and cutlery.
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  • Minnie Mouse.An interesting topic, simple to implement: the decor is done in pink, complemented by black and white "peas". Cake, cupcakes, candy bar - everything is decorated with stylized ears with a large bow. A good background for a photo shoot will be Minnie’s balloon figure.
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  • Unicorns.To recreate the theme, use delicate pastel colors, serve gingerbreads in the shape of fairy-tale horses on the table, decorate the celebration area with balloons and posters with their image, stylized rainbow.
    You can become attached to your favorite baby cartoon: Winnie the Pooh, Peppu Pig, and Minions.
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Photo session for a year girl and outfit for baby

Of course, the baby will not remember the stormy fun in honor of her first name day. But to help her recreate the holiday later will help memorable photos.Photo sessionYou can spend at home in a pre-prepared photo zone or take a field survey in nature or in the studio, if the baby calmly reacts to new places and people.

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Looks great photo shootsmash cake(smash cake), when the birthday girl is photographed surrounded by delicacies: cake, capcakes, cakes.It is advisable to capture the moment of tasting a photo of a birthday cake on a photo, it will, of course, be spoiled, but the photo will turn out to be lively and emotional!

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Preferred outfit for 1 year old girl:

  • T-shirt and tutu skirt, as an accessory - a crown on the head;
  • a dress in the same style with mom - family look (family bow);
  • thematic outfit for a particular image: Minnie Maus, bee, ladybug;
  • a festive bodysuit with ruffles, complete with a headband.
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Choosing a complex outfit, do not forget about the convenience of the child. Tiered skirts should be airy, not constraining the movement, and the tops to them in moderation fitting, without a lot of fasteners.

One more question remains unresolved:What to giftfor 1 year girl?

Choose useful and safe gifts: a development game, a soft doll, a tolokar machine, a rocking chair, a doll carriage, a game tent or a cottage, a swing, an inflatable pool.

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