2018 World Snooker Championship

World Snooker Championship 2018 - the main championship snooker season 2017/18, which will be held from April 21 to May 5, 2018. In the English city of Sheffield, dozens of snooker players of the first magnitude will gather: Judd Trump, Stuart Bingham, Marco Fu. Total 32 participants. But only two of them cross cues in the final games. Who will be these lucky ones?


Where and when will the 2018 World Snooker Championship?

Athletes will play the trophy of the 41st World Cup from April 21 to May 5, 2018. Athletes will meet in the English city of Sheffield, within the walls of the Crucible Theater.

The World Snooker Championship 2018 schedule will consist of the following stages:

  • 1/16;
  • 1/8;
  • quarter finals;
  • semifinal;
  • the final.

It is not known what time these rounds will take place. The exact calendar will appear during the tournament.

2018 World Snooker Championship


For the championship laurels and cash prizes will compete 32 athletes. The first half of them will represent the top 16 snooker players of the 2017/18 season. Their names are already known:

  • Mark Selby;
  • Mark Allen;
  • Kyren Wilson;
  • Sean Murphy;
  • John Higgins;
  • Stuart Bingham;
  • Luca Bressel;
  • Judd Trump;
  • Ding Junhui;
  • Anthony McGill;
  • Marco Fu;
  • Barry Hawkins;
  • Mark Williams;
  • Neil Robertson;
  • Allister Carter;
  • Ronnie O’Sullivan.

The second half of the participants will be determined based on the results of the World Cup 2018 qualification in snooker. This is a special qualifying tournament, consisting of three difficult stages. It will be attended by 128 people. But in the end, the number of applicants for trips to the final part of the World Cup will be reduced to 16 persons.

Qualifying games will precede the main round of the World Cup. Qualifying matches will be held from 11 to 19 April 2018.

Results snooker World Cup 2018

32 cue masters will compete for the championship. But the greatest chance of winning the representatives of the TOP-16 current snooker rating. The favorites include Neil Robertson, John Higgins and Ronnie O’Sullivan. All of them at different times experienced the taste of a big victory.

But the closest attention will be riveted on Mark Selby - the main star of snooker in recent years. "Fun of Leicester" is the owner of three trophies "Masters", a multiple winner of an incalculable number of rating tournaments, the author of high-profile records and achievements. And on the account of the Mark-shark three wins at the world championships,two of which he won in the last two seasons! This is precisely the darling of fate and the pet of the public, experts consider to be the No. 1 contender for the championship trophy.

Consider when and under what circumstances the star ladder became the best in the tournament.

2018 World Snooker Championship

World Cup 2014

The second final with Selby. If in 2007 the ladder lost, then in 2014 luck was on his side. Under the well-aimed blows of his cue, the great Ronnie O’Sullivan was forced to capitulate.

World Cup 2016

New finale - and a new triumph! This time the main star of Chinese snooker Ding Junhui became the opponent of the Englishman. The meeting ended with a score of 18:14 in favor of a native of the British Isles.

World Cup 2017

John Higgins is a timeless veteran, the legend of world snooker. But even the old bones of the Scotsman did not become an obstacle for the Jolly from Leicester. The match ended with his convincing victory 18:15.

Almost all the achievements of the star Englishman occurred in recent years. This means that his professional career is on the rise.

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