2018 Ford Mondeo

Mondeo Ford's mid-size passenger car production, which began in 1993. The car turned out so successful that the fifth generation Mondeo is being produced (since 2013), and the model is being assembled in Belgium, Russia, China, Taiwan and Thailand.

Cars produced with a front-engine layout and equipped with front-wheel drive. Available in five-seater body options: hatchback, wagon and sedan.

Among the main advantages of Mondeo should be noted:

  1. reliability;
  2. comfort;
  3. design;
  4. security;
  5. power.

According to Ford, the development of the 2018 Mondeo has been carried out for 5 years and this year it is planned to start selling the updated car.

New 2018 Ford Mondeo


The image of the 2018-2019 Ford Mondeo was bright and swift. First of all, there is a large grille in frame design and active blinds, as well as a long rectangular lower air intake. The hood received additional stamping lines, has a rounded shape, and along the edges are placed rather narrow combined LED headlights.In almost identical form niches placed increased fog lights. According to the designers of Ford, the aerodynamic properties of the car improved by more than 10% thanks to:

  • improved body structure;
  • increased windshield tilt;
  • smooth transition of the roof line to the rear of the car;
  • side mirrors mounted on racks.

New 2018 Ford Mondeo

The stylish design of the car is emphasized by 18-inch rims and fairly large round-shaped wheel arches. Behind the car has a combined LED lights, which are quite narrow in shape and moving from the trunk lid to the rear fenders. Of the updates, it is also worth noting a special visor with additional light indication and a large tailgate.

All changes made by designers allow us to characterize the new image of Mondeo as bright, swift and elegant.

Radiator grille and head optics Ford Mondeo 2018Body line of the new 2018 Ford MondeoFord Mondeo 2018 trunk


The photo shows that restyling in the car is aimed primarily at improving the finish and ergonomics. For this, the information content and functionality of the instrument panel has increased, and the design of the display of the multifunctional complex on the front console has also changed.Now it is made in the same style with the air vents of the climate system, other buttons and controls for the car systems. This generic kit has a chrome trim. In addition, the chrome edging is used on the instrument panel, in the design of the glove box and a number of other interior elements.

The front seats got anatomical shape with strong lateral support and special head restraints. Equipped with heating, ventilation and massage functions. The rear seats are made in multicourt design, which uniquely increases comfort for passengers. When finishing the interior is used soft plastic, polished aluminum, high-quality fabric materials. To create interior comfort, LED lighting was applied, a special coating was laid on the floor, and special materials were mounted to reduce the noise inside the car.

Interior of the new 2018 Ford Mondeo

Mondeo has a large luggage compartment of 540 liters, which, if necessary, can be expanded by folding seats up to 1,400 liters. At the same time, it is very convenient to form a flat floor.

The dimensions of the updated sedan are:

  • length - 4.87 m;
  • width - 1.85 m;
  • height - 1.47 m.

The size of the new product exceeds its competitors in the class, such as the Volkswagen Passat, Peugeot 508, Skoda Superb.

Technical parameters and possible equipment

It is planned that, for the first 2018 Ford Mondeo version cars, the following powertrains will be available in the new body:


V-1.60 l, power - 178 l. from.

V-2.00 liters, power - 237 liters. from.


V-1.50 liters, power - 118 liters. from.

V-2.00 liters, power - 277 liters. from.

2018 Ford Engine

In the transmission for the acquisition of front-wheel drive sedan provides six-speed manual transmission and automatic transmission. Also, buyers will be able to purchase all-wheel drive version.

Automatic 2018 Ford Mondeo

For completing the updated car, Ford offers the following equipment:

  1. LED optics with cornering lights;
  2. automatic switching of high and low beam;
  3. navigation system;
  4. rear view camera;
  5. electric drive for setting the front seats in 10 directions;
  6. memory front seats;
  7. side mirror memory;
  8. heated rear seats;
  9. inflatable seat belts;
  10. head optics enable controller;
  11. electric steering wheel;
  12. Cruise control;
  13. climate control;
  14. multimedia complex SYNC 3;
  15. Keyless entry system with equipped engine start button;
  16. parking sensors;
  17. rearview camera;
  18. help at the beginning of the movement on the rise;
  19. leather trim;
  20. interior lighting in 7 colors.

Ford Mondeo updated 2018

Sales start and sedan cost

Initially, Ford plans to produce Mondeo cars only in the sedan, which will appear in the official dealerships at the end of 2017. The first sales start in America.

In Russia, Ford plans to manufacture the updated Ford Mondeo at a plant in Vsevolozhsk near St. Petersburg from mid-2018, with the initial cost starting at 1 million 400 thousand rubles.

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