2018 FIFA World Cup

The 2018 World Cup is a long-awaited sports festival, which the Russians have been waiting for for 8 long years! Mundial will be held for the first time in Eastern Europe. Therefore, this event can be fully called unique! The final part of the championship will be taken by 11 cities of the Russian Federation, in which the games will be held between June 14 and July 15. Thus, the sporting action will last a whole month!

However, fans are already asking a number of questions. Who will come to the world championship? What are the stadiums will take the game? Well, the domestic fans, of course, care about the main topic: what results will the Russian team show?

Where and when will the World Cup be held?

This long-awaited event will take place here in Russia. The tournament, as always, will be held in the summer. It is scheduled for June 14 - July 15, 2018. The venue of the games selected 12 stadiums located in 11 Russian cities. Naturally, Moscow has become the capital of the football world championship. It is in the arena "Luzhniki", which was specially reconstructed for the championship, the opening match and the final match are scheduled.

Our country had to endure serious competition in the face of England, as well as joint applications of Spain / Portugal and the Netherlands / Belgium. But in the end, the Russian bid won. It happened in the second round of voting. Russia then received 13 votes, and the closest competitors - 7.

2018 FIFA World Cup

List of 2018 World Cup cities

All of them are 11. Almost all of them are located in the European part of the country and only one - Yekaterinburg - is in Asia. Here are their names:

  • Moscow;
  • Kaliningrad;
  • St. Petersburg;
  • Volgograd;
  • Kazan;
  • Nizhny Novgorod;
  • Samara;
  • Saransk;
  • Rostov-on-Don;
  • Sochi;
  • Ekaterinburg.

The initial list consisted of 13 megacities. At various times, such cities as Voronezh, Krasnodar, Yaroslavl and Podolsk appeared on the list. But in the end, September 29, 2012, the final composition of the cities-organizers was approved.

2018 World Cup stadiums

Games will be organized in 12 arenas. Each sports complex corresponds to a particular city. The only exception is Moscow. In the capital of Russia, meetings are scheduled at two stadiums at once: Luzhniki and Spartak.

luzniki "Luzhniki"

The oldest sports complex of the country, who took more Olympiad-1988.The capacity of the facility after reconstruction should exceed 80,000 seats.

krestovskij  Krestovsky

Home arena of St. Petersburg team "Zenith". The complex is designed for 67,800 beds.

kazan-arena  "Kazan Arena"

The stadium was built for the Summer Universiade. It accommodates over 45,000 people.

ekaterinburg-arena  "Ekaterinburg Arena"

Reconstructed arena, designed for 35 thousand seats.

spartak  "Spartacus"

The home ground of the club of the same name, opened in 2014. She is able to take more than 45,000 fans.

samara-arena "Samara Arena"

One of the first stadiums created specifically for the World Cup in 2018. Spectators can count on 45,000 seats.

mordoviya-arena "Mordovia Arena"

A new sport complex built in Saransk. Holds over 45 thousand people.

fisht "Fisht"

The arena was once built specifically for the Sochi Olympics. After the reconstruction, the stadium will be able to receive more than 44,000 fans.

rostov-arena  "Rostov Arena"

The main sports facility of Rostov-on-Don. Accommodates 45,000 people.

stadion-kaliningrad  "Stadium Kaliningrad"

Brand new stadium, founded in 2015. The arena of the most western region of Russia is designed for 35,000 football fans.

stadion-nizhnij-novgorod "Stadium Nizhny Novgorod"

Another ultra-modern arena designed for almost 45,000 seats.

volgograd-arena Volgograd Arena

New stadium that meets all modern requirements.The complex is capable of receiving 45 thousand fans.


The tournament will be attended by 32 national teams. Among them, and our squad, which was selected to the championship as the owners. All teams will be divided into 8 groups. The Russian team is predefined in basket A.

In addition, volunteers at the World Cup can also be fully called participants in the upcoming event. There are several thousand of them. Many of the volunteers will come from other states. The campaign to recruit volunteers began on June 1, 2016 in 15 specialized centers in 11 Russian cities. In total, the organizers intend to attract more than 15 thousand assistants for the World Cup. And this is not counting the volunteers who will exhibit the city-organizers. Only in Moscow the number of volunteers can exceed 10,000! To become a member of the volunteer movement, it is desirable for the applicant to have the following qualities:

  • be over 18;
  • know English;
  • be able to work in a team environment.

Where and how to see the championship

For some time, a major football tournament will be held in our country.Therefore, it will be an unforgivable mistake for fans not to attend at least one championship match. Especially since tickets to the World Cup can already be booked through a number of Internet portals. However, fans should be prepared for the fact that the cherished tickets will cost them a significant premium.

The main sales will begin immediately after the Confederations Cup. To officially purchase a ticket, several conditions are necessary:

  1. register on the FIFA official website;
  2. fill out a profile and questionnaire;
  3. select the desired match;
  4. pick up the viewing sector and price category of the ticket;
  5. place an order, then get a personal request code;
  6. confirm and pay the order.

The minimum ticket price for a Russian will not exceed 1280 rubles. At the same time, its owner will be able to use public transport for 18 hours before and after the game for which he purchased the ticket.

2018 FIFA World Cup. City, the new composition of the Russian team

Championship results

It's too early to talk about the future winner. But for sure bookmakers are betting on such teams as the national teams of Germany, France, Argentina and Portugal. For all of them are recent prize-winners of major football tournaments.But we, of course, are interested in the domestic squad, which achieved the highest success in the distant 1966 year. Then the USSR national team took the 4th place on the world championship in England.

Everyone is waiting for the new Russian team at the 2018 FIFA World Cup to make the national team miss the blunder. On the Russians' side, there are native walls, tremendous support from the audience and organizational conclusions that qualitatively transformed the composition of the national team. How it will be displayed on the game of our football players - the starting games in the group will already be shown!
In the past, the “top chart” of the top 10 national teams looked like this:

  • Germany;
  • Argentina;
  • Netherlands
  • Brazil;
  • Costa Rica;
  • France
  • Belgium;
  • Colombia;
  • Switzerland;
  • Greece.

In 2014, the Russian team could not even leave the group. So let's hope that this time our guys will take a place at the top of the final standings!


In the summer of 2018, exactly 10 years will have passed since the last success of the Russian football team in a major international tournament. Then the “catchy doll” under the leadership of the “flying Dutchman” unexpectedly for everyone not only left the group, but reached the semi-finals of Euro 2008! In the upcoming World Cup fans with experience waiting for the repetition of this Russian miracle.Whether our guys will justify their hopes - so far the big question. But in any case, no matter what the fate of the national team, the real football fans must not miss this unique sporting event in our history.

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