2017 film premieres

The long-awaited novelties of films, fascinating plots and wonderful heroes are all so appreciated by modern fans of cinematic art. Every year we find our favorite picture, admire its contents, empathize and fall in love with the main characters.

That is why all film fans are already trying to find for themselves rating points.filmmakers of 2017to take care of the movie theater ticket well in advance. In this review, we have collected 15 of the best films that will be released in the near future, and we hope they will become prominent representatives of the current film industry.

Fast and Furious 8

Film Premieres 2017

  • Genre:Thriller, Action, Crime
  • Producer:F. Gary Gray
  • Scenario:Garry Scott Thompson
  • Starring:Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron
  • World premiere:12.04.2017
  • Premiere in the Russian Federation:13.04.2017

The success of the previous 7 parts, forced the creators of the picture to decide on another film. We are again waiting for exciting adventures, racing the coolest cars, as well as handsome heroes. The storyline will be diluted with passionate love stories and bloody showdowns.

Alien: Covenant

films that will be released in 2017

  • Genre:Thriller, Fantasy, Adventure
  • Producer:Ridley Scott
  • Scenario:John Logan, Jack Paglen, Michael Green
  • Starring:Billy Crudup, Michael Fassbender, Demian Bishir
  • World premiere:10.05.2017
  • Premiere in the Russian Federation:18.05.2017

The remaining members of the team of the intergalactic starship "Prometheus", Captain Elizabeth and her faithful companion, android David, are just a few steps away from the secret of engineers. The truth is about to unfold. To do this, they are poisoned to the home planet of the whitish giants called "Paradise".

Night life

Nightlife 2017 movie when will

  • Genre:Crime, Drama
  • Producer:Ben affleck
  • Scenario:Dennis Lehane, Ben Affleck
  • Starring:Scott Eastwood, Zoe Saldana, Ben Affleck
  • World premiere:20.10.2017
  • Premiere in the Russian Federation:19.10.2017

The plot will take the viewer to America in times of "dry" law. The protagonist is the son of a policeman who makes a living by bootlegging. In time, he will be involved in an unpleasant crime story, from which it is difficult to find a way out.

War of the Planet of the Apes

movies 2017 list

  • Genre:Drama, Action, Adventure, Fiction
  • Producer:Matt Reeves
  • Scenario:Matt Reeves, Pierre Boule, Mark Bomback
  • Starring:Andy Serkis, Judy Greer, Steve Zahn
  • World premiere:12.07.2017
  • Premiere in the Russian Federation:13.07.2017

Every day the atmosphere of hostility and hatred between monkeys andby people. The leader of the monkeys Caesar in every way restrains his fellows, but understands that opposition is inevitable. One can only guess, who will win in this fight: people or monkeys ?!

Divergent Chapter 4

cinema 2017 list

  • Genre:Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Melodrama
  • Producer:Lee Toland Krieger
  • Scenario:Veronica Roth
  • Starring:Theo James, Shailene Woodley, Naomi Watts
  • World premiere:07.06.2017
  • Premiere in the Russian Federation:27.03.2017

Tobias and Beatrice are trying to make every effort to suspend the activities of the authoritarian Bureau of Genetic Welfare. Of course, this is not easy to do, because everywhere there are "their own people." But experienced heroes always go to the end, not stopping at nothing!

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

what films will be released in 2017

  • Genre:Action, Fantasy
  • Producer:James gunn
  • Scenario:Dan Abnett, James Gunn, Andy Lenning
  • Starring:Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, Zoe Saldana
  • World premiere:04.05.2017
  • Premiere in the Russian Federation:04.05.2017

The continuation of the sensational adventure action movie, which tells about a group of bizarre creatures and the Star Lord, who are fighting with representatives of evil. In this part of them waiting for many exciting guards, meeting with new inhabitants of the galaxy, as well as a meeting with his own father.

Wonder Woman

movies in cinemas

  • Genre:Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Fiction
  • Producer:Patty jenkins
  • Scenario:William M. Marston, Jason Fuchs
  • Starring:Robin Ryan, Chris Pine, Gal Gadot
  • World premiere:02.06.2017
  • Premiere in the Russian Federation:22.06.2017

The Amazon Princess has incredible dexterity and strength that can crush anyone, even the most powerful enemy. Her friends go to such superheroes as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern. Together with them, she confronts evil and protects civilians from danger.

Three X's: The Return Of Xander Cage

movies 2017

  • Genre:Thriller, Adventure, Action
  • Producer:DJ Caruso
  • Scenario:Chad Art. John, Rich Wilks, F. Scott Fraser
  • Starring:Vin Diesel, Nina Dobrev, Ruby Rose
  • World premiere:19.01.2017
  • Premiere in the Russian Federation:19.01.2017

Xander Cage - the main character of this film. He was considered dead for many years, but he recently appeared and cooperates with the country's security agency. He is waiting for new challenges, beautiful girls and spectacular shooting. But the superspy can withstand the forces of evil and get out of the fight winner.

Bad guys 3

bad guys 2017 trailer

  • Genre:Comedy, Thriller, Action
  • Producer: Joe Carnahan
  • Scenario:George Gallo, David Guggenheim
  • Starring:Martin Lawrence, Will Smith, Derrick Gilbert
  • World premiere:01.06.2017
  • Premiere in the Russian Federation:01.06.2017

This is the third picture of the franchise of the same name. To the attention of the audience will present a familiar couple of cops who work in the department of illegal drug trafficking. This time the guys will have to stop the next gang of drug dealers. As always, the picture will be full of spectacular firefights and sparkling humor.

Dark tower

movie dark tower

  • Genre:Fantasy, Western, Horror
  • Producer:Nikolay Artel
  • Scenario:Akiva Goldsman, Nikolai Artel, Andres Thomas Jensen
  • Starring:Abby Lee, Tom Taylor, Idris Elba
  • World premiere:16.02.2017
  • Premiere in the Russian Federation:23.02.2017

Roland Diskeyn decided to go in search of the Dark Tower, which is the main stronghold of the universe. It is precisely to her that there is a balance between good and evil, therefore it is impossible to allow the dark forces to reach her before Roland. Enough, mystical and mysterious film, which should appeal to horror lovers.

Life outside

Life outside the new film 2017

  • Genre:Crime, Thriller, Action
  • Producer:Martin J. Thomas
  • Scenario:Alexander Poroso Cuenca, Martin J. Thomas
  • Starring:Rob Schneider, Sonita Henry, Vinnie Jones
  • World premiere:17.03.2017
  • Premiere in the Russian Federation:17.03.2017

Anyone trying to protect their loved ones from danger. In this case, we all help the public services and other organizations. But what to do if nobody cares about you and your problems. That's right, handle them alone. So does the main character of this picture.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Dead do not tell fairy tales

movie list 2017

  • Genre:Adventure, Action, Comedy, Fiction
  • Producer:Espen Sandberg, Joaquim Ronning
  • Scenario:Stuart Beatty, Jeff Nathanson, Ted Elliot
  • Starring:Kaya Scodelario, Johnny Dep, Orlando Bloom
  • World premiere:25.05.2017
  • Premiere in the Russian Federation:25.05.2017

Jack Sparrow has always been a fan of making fun of his luck. This time his old foe again decided to start a hunt over him. Under his distribution can get not only the Sparrow, but all the pirates together, so Jack will have to act decisively and confidently to defeat the enemies.

Star Wars. Episode 8

movie premieres

  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Producer:Ryan johnson
  • Scenario:George Lucas, Raina Johnson
  • Starring:Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac
  • World premiere:14.12.2017
  • Premiere in the Russian Federation:14.12.2017

In this story we will see different episodes from the life of space travelers.Perhaps it will even be possible to meet Darth Vader again, if, of course, we succeed in resurrecting him.

Thor: Ragnarok

most anticipated films

  • Genre:Fantasy, Action, Adventure
  • Producer:Taika Whiteity
  • Scenario:Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost
  • Starring:Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston
  • World premiere:25.10.2017
  • Premiere in the Russian Federation:02.11.2017

When Thor died, many fell into despair, but there was a way to bring him back to earth, at least in the image of a cyborg. As soon as our hero regains his strength, he will begin his journey again towards the salvation of mankind.

The beauty and the Beast

expected films of 2017

  • Genre:Fantasy, Musical, Melodrama
  • Producer:Bill condon
  • Scenario:Stephen Chboski, Linda Wolverton
  • Starring:Emma Watson, Ewan McGregor
  • World premiere:17.03.2017
  • Premiere in the Russian Federation:16.03.2017

Amazing melodic musical, which tells the familiar story about a girl who fell in love with the Beast. It was not just a beast, but a real person who had been subjected to magical charms. But love will easily melt them in just one moment.

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