20 scientific series about everything

You will learn a lot of interesting things about the riddles of history anddisappeared civilizations, the secrets of time and space, about gravity and black holes, the structure of the universe and the human body, the theory of strings and the mysteries of human consciousness.

We have collected for you a list of 20 popular science series, with which you not only enthusiastically pass the evening, but also permeate the "spirit of discovery."

Cosmos: A personal journey with Carl Sagan's Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

This cult cinema is often called "the greatesteducational series of all times, "which has not lost its relevance even after 30 years. Karl Sagan is an astronomer and biologist, a famous popularizer of science, possessed an amazing ability to speak about complex concepts in plain language and without sacrificing content. The film tells how about the device of the universe, and the history of life and history of mankind. A separate line of the film is the search for extraterrestrial intelligence: Carl Sagan is one of the founders of the SETI extraterrestrial intelligence search program. If you are at least a bit interested in how the universe works, go to a 13-episode journey into space with this documentary series.

Space: Space and Time / Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (2014)

American popular science documentaryseries of 2014. The project was the continuation of the 1980 series "Space: Personal Journey", led by Carl Sagan, and at the same time it was restarted.

"We want to make a program that is not justwill continue the first series, but will reflect the time in which we created it, so that it was immediately clear that it was intended for an audience of the early 21st century, "said presenter Neil Tyson, when the work on the project was being conducted. In the 13 episodes of the series "Space: Space and Time" is told about the latest scientific discoveries in astronautics, astrophysics and other fields.

Elegant Universe / The Elegant Universe (2003)

This mini-series was shot in 2003 by the best-selling American scientist-physicist and popularizer of science Brian Green on the theory of strings and M-theory.

The leading "Elegant Universe" was made by BrianGreen. Here you will find interviews with the most interesting string theorists, as well as Nobel laureates Stephen Weinberg and Sheldon Glashow, modern computer graphics and simple but fairly accurate analogies reveal the basic concepts of the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics and explain such features of string theory as supersymmetry, 11 The Universe, the Calabi space - Yau, branes, etc.

The Power of Art / Simon Schama's Power of Art (2006)

This cycle of films is not at all like a tediouswalk around the world's museums. Instead, we offer you something unusual and exciting, like a parachute jump into the volcano of the creative imagination of eight geniuses of painting: Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Picasso, Van Gogh, Turner, Rothko, David, Bernini. Only in this way can you imagine, feel and appreciate how the greatest masterpieces of painting on the Earth were created.

Disappearing! / Stardust Lost In The Andes (1995-1996)

This documentary cycle of the channel "History Channel"devoted to the mysteries of history associated with the missing, white spots in the biographies of prominent figures in politics, culture, sports and the unexplained disappearances of ships and expeditions. Each episode tells of a mysterious and inexplicable at first glance incident.

Lost Worlds / Lost Worlds (2006-2007)

A series of documentary films devoted tomysterious and interesting world of history. It will be about the mysteries of ancient and modern civilizations. From the castle of the present Count Dracula to the atomic bunkers of the 1950s, the history of temples, fortresses, and missing civilizations.

Wonders of the Universe (2011)

Who are we? Why are we here? Where did we come from? These are the most fundamental and age-old questions that we can ask ourselves. And this is an integral part of human nature, which seeks to find answers to them. We can trace our ancestry for hundreds of thousands of years to the very dawn of humanity. But in fact our history extends much deeper.

Our universe was born approximately 13.7billions of years ago. Today it is filled with more than 100 billion galaxies. And each of them contains hundreds of billions of stars. In this documentary series, Professor Brian Cox tells the epic story of our universe, showing that we are part and parcel of it.

Wonders of the Solar System (2010)

For millennia people are fascinatedlooked at the starry sky. Professor Brian Cox offers to go on an exciting 5-series journey into the depths of this unknown space, to see with your own eyes the true and amazing beauty of the solar system. Better a textbook on astronomy.

Wonders of Life

This mini-series narrates how 3.7 billion years ago, some fundamental laws gave birth to the most complex, diverse and unique power in the universe - life. Light, gravity, time, matter and energy served as building blocks of everything, from the smallest microorganism on Earth to the largest galaxy. Currently, it is estimated that there are 100 million different species on Earth. "Miracles of Life" tell the story of the amazing diversity and adaptability of life in connection with the laws that govern it. From the movement of chromosomes in cell division to an electric spark causing muscle contraction, this series reveals the secrets of life in the most unexpected places and the most stunning details. The moderator is Professor Brian Cox (5 series for 59 minutes).

From the Science Perspective / Naked Science (2004-2011)

The name of the film can literally be translated as"Naked science." This is a popular science and documentary series of the National Geographic Channel, dedicated to current scientific and technological issues, riddles and problems of the present. Considered as recognized historical facts, as well as supernatural and paranormal phenomena, natural disasters and catastrophes.

The film is shot using special effects, which provide the effect of presence. Each episode is presented in the form of an entertaining and easy to view untrained viewer scientific lecture.

Inside the human body / Inside the Human Body (2011)

Mini-series "Inside the human body" is the mostbright and accurate, but at the same time as clearly as possible describes a person as an incredible phenomenon in the life of the planet. This popular film, shot with the help of modern technologies, tells about the most important processes taking place in our body. Michael Mosley gives us a fantastic journey through the universe that is inside of us.

Secrets of the soul: Archetype. Neurosis. Libido. (2011-2013)

This 18-series documentary film is dedicated to the fate of famous soul doctors, scientists of the XIX-XX centuries, who stood at the origins of modern psychoanalysis, psychiatry and hypnosis.

Among the themes of the series: the theory of Sigmund Freud about the sexual development of the personality and the circumstances under which he created his theory, which changed the consciousness of many people; the story of the Italian psychiatrist Cesare Lombroso and the system he created that defines the "born criminal" in human appearance; hypnosis of Dr. Charcot; the methods of Carl Jung, which he, before applying on his patients, experienced on himself; Austrian psychologist and psychiatrist "King of Complexes" Alfred Adler, who first used the term "inferiority complex".

"The archetype. Neurosis. Libido "- this is the history of great discoveries, made by trial and error, and sometimes at the cost of their own personal lives.

How the Universe works / How the Universe Works (2010-)

This is the greatest story about how from a smallpoints the universe has become something immense. Children sometimes ask: "If the Moon turns around the Earth, and the Earth turns around the Sun, then what does the Sun turn around?" This is a good question that astronomers are asking. And the further they advance in their understanding, the more questions they have.

Already from the first episodes, released in 2010 by the television company DiscoveryScience, the series "How the Universe Is Built" won the audience and won the highest ratings on the channel.

Brain. Secrets of Consciousness / The Brain. A Secret History (2010)

Why do we perform this or that action? What is actually driving us? How does our consciousness work? Can we control our thoughts and control other people? For centuries, these questions were occupied by philosophers and theologians. But about a hundred years ago a new science opened the veil of secrecy. And this science is experimental psychology, which will be discussed in the next draft of the BBC.

In the Universe with Stephen Hawking / Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking (2010 - ...)

The famous physicist, Professor Stephen Hawking,who at age 30 was almost completely paralyzed due to a progressive disease, shares his thoughts on the most intriguing riddles of the universe. In his opinion, life on other planets exists in different forms - from the simplest organisms to developed civilizations. But people should avoid contact with the alien mind. Travel to the past is impossible, the scientist believes, since this contradicts the basic laws of nature (violates the cause-and-effect relationship). But a journey into the future is theoretically possible.

Desperate tasters are sent ... / The Supersizers Go ... (2007-2009)

Writer and restaurant critic Giles Koren togetherwith the famous British comedian actress, writer and radio presenter Sue Perkins "go" in the past to live and eat the way they did in Britain in different historical epochs. They are dressed in costumes of the appropriate historical period, sent to the doctor, then taken to the house, decorated in the style of the necessary era. In the same spirit, the heroes are fed there, often bringing them into a state of shock. At the end of each test, doctors come to surprising conclusions.

Food Factory / Food Factory (2012)

An instructive and fascinating show takes us forbackstage production lines to show how food is actually made. For each package of chips, a can of beer, a bar of chocolate or a loaf of bread, there is a giant production line, thanks to which all these products become available to the masses. Learn about the wonderful process of converting raw materials into foods you love, from macaroni and pesto to chewing gum and Canadian whiskey.

Through space and time with Morgan Freeman / Through the Wormhole (2010 TV series ...)

The series explores questions that are alwayspuzzled mankind. What are we made of? What was before the beginning of everything? Are we alone in the universe? Is there a Creator? The greatest minds of man fought over these mysteries. In search of answers, we suggest to go with the inimitable Morgan Freeman. You will find a lot of interesting interviews, examples and theories that will try to debunk the teachings of Einstein.

Adam spoils everything / Adam Ruins Everything (2015 - ...)

Unsightly truth about what is dear to ourheart. Adam Konover with tremendous humor breaks stereotypes, imposed by society, television and neighbors. Work, sex, cars, restaurants, tips, terrorism and charity - all knowledge about these aspects is seriously questioned.

Black Mirror (2011 - ...)

This is the only art series in ourlist. "The Black Mirror" is a British fantasy cycle, created under the script of Charlie Brooker. It consists of seven episodes, not related to each other by the plot, actors, time or place of narration. All the subjects unite only satire on the way of life that is prevalent in modern society. The cross-cutting theme is the impact of information technology on human relations.

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20 scientific series about everything

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20 scientific series about everything

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20 scientific series about everything

20 scientific series about everything 20 scientific series about everything 20 scientific series about everything 20 scientific series about everything 20 scientific series about everything 20 scientific series about everything 20 scientific series about everything 20 scientific series about everything 20 scientific series about everything 20 scientific series about everything 20 scientific series about everything 20 scientific series about everything 20 scientific series about everything 20 scientific series about everything 20 scientific series about everything 20 scientific series about everything 20 scientific series about everything