10th wedding anniversary

June 16, 2018

After the wedding, a new holiday appears in the life of each family - a wedding anniversary.

Your future life together depends on how you feel about this memorable date, as a new round of relations or a usual day. Buy a bouquet of Ukrainian roses and give the culprit an anniversary with spiritual wishes - a wonderful gift for a couple on this momentous day for them.

 10th wedding anniversary

The first and most significant anniversary is the wedding anniversary of 10 years, or simply Pink wedding. The name is associated with the queen of flowers - a rose, a symbol of passionate love and strong feelings. This holiday is not celebrated in a narrow circle. On the anniversary invite all those who were at the very marriage. But the main guests should be the witnesses and your children.

Decorate the room with fresh flowers, tinsel, balloons and bright festive posters. The main colors of the holiday: pink and red. All other items soak in these colors: invitations to the celebration, curtains, tablecloths and napkins for the table. You can even ask your friends to dress up in pink.In the corner of the hall you can organize a mini-gallery. Hang there photos with the image of your couple, in the happiest moments in all 10 years.

 10-летний юбилей свадьбы

The main dish of the holiday should be fried bird sprinkled with pink sauce.

Of the drinks, it is better to give preference to red and rosé wines.

You can go for a walk to the same places where you were on your wedding day, or visit new - traditionally wedding places. Take along some friends, champagne and snacks. You will again remember congratulations on your wedding, exclamations "bitterly" and wishes for a long and happy family life.

There is an old tradition, on the day of the 10th anniversary of the wedding, put a tin spoon (as other symbols of the Pink anniversary are tin and amber) in a pocket or bag and carry it all day, and place it under a pillow for the night. Also, for the couple to be happy for the rest of their lives, their family beds are decorated with rose petals. In addition to established traditions, you can come up with your own. For example, to order for round dates of marriage rings amulets with original engraving. Mandatory gift should be flowers. Husband wife simply must give a huge bouquet of roses.A spouse can rely on her fantasy and even manage with amber cufflinks.

Guests also need to think about gifts and congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding. They can give statues, vases, paintings, decorations.

An original gift would be to buy a “honeymoon trip”.

You can celebrate the holiday, whatever you like, depending on the imagination, desires and possibilities. You can generally go to a desert island and celebrate the anniversary together. The main thing is just to remember that you still love each other, and all obstacles will be overcome.

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